Shogetsudo Bakery Tokyo Japan The Shogetsu-do Story

1909 Shogetsudo started out as a small Japanese confectionary company supplying wagashi to teahouses in japan. These small candies and cakes were mostly made up of sweet beans and mochi (a sweet pounded rice) .

 Yoshiharu Kondo the founding son, second-generation confectioner was interested in the future of the craft, became interested in Baking, moved to Seattle Washington to master the art of Baking and in 1921 came back to Tokyo and started producing Artisanal breads in the most hi-tech - modern facility of the time to change Japan into the Modern world. His Idea was to use European methods and ingredients and adapt to the Japanese taste.

 Both Generations "Shogetsudo" believed "Starting in the neighborhood is were you will reach your customers faces and if you succeed you will see them smile" The philosophy still today remains the same.

World war II was tough on the community, food was hard to come by, Shogetsu-do ran production of the ovens just to feed the neighborhoods of Tokyo and surrounding areas that were suffering. Giving back to the community who always gave to them.

Rebuilding japan became the objective in the 50's and 60's and refining the bread making techniques, Japan voted Shogetsu-do "best Bakery for SHOKUPAN" Bringing a smile to our faces.

 In the 70's our flexibility in production made us the first bakery in Japan to hand-made baguettes bringing westernization to Japans food culture.

 The modern day Shogetsu-do factory does over 170 different kind of bread for every different, restaurant, store , house, hotel , bakery in every neighborhood imaginable.

We are not the biggest producers of bread in japan, but we have people who make the difference in our bread. We meet our clients needs from artisanal bread to custom pastry needs because there is a human element in our baking.

Shogetsudo today is over 103 years old. Baking the finest Japanese breads in the Kanto area. I am very excited that we are in the middle of restructuring, relocating our facilities, and rebranding the bakery for the next 100 years. This project included Artisanal Bakery cafes, retail and wholesale baked goods all over the world

"Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it. "

--the Buddha

Bevely Hilton
Troy N. Thompson Appointed Executive Chef of The Beverly Hilton
Noted Chef Brings His “Inspirational Cuisine” to Iconic Hotel in Beverly Hills.
Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Beverly Hills, Calif. – The Beverly Hilton, a Forbes Four Star hotel, today announced the appointment of Troy N. Thompson to the position of executive chef. In his new role, Chef Thompson will oversee the hotel’s food and beverage offerings including the menus for some of the most high-profile events and galas hosted at The Beverly Hilton such as the Golden Globe Awards, Oscar Nominees Luncheon and Pre-GRAMMYs Gala.

“We are excited to welcome Chef Thompson to The Beverly Hilton family and look forward to sharing his signature style of cooking with our guests,” said Paul Carter, director of food and beverage, The Beverly Hilton. “His talent and unique culinary vision will bring a new level of fine dining to the hotel.”

Chef Thompson grew up in central Illinois where his grandparents owned a small farm. From a young age, Thompson played in the garden, helped his grandparents pick and can cherries, and prepare big family dinners. His culinary career began at the age of 15 working in a small submarine sandwich shop, making dough and pastries at a bakery, and at a chain restaurant where he moved up to become head cook. His first position in hospitality was at the age of 18 as a sous chef at Avalon restaurant at the then Stouffer Hamilton Hotel in Itasca, Ill. There, Thompson was taught and inspired by his Japanese executive chef trained in French cuisine. Later, he had the opportunity to live in Japan and open an American-style steak and seafood restaurant and further explore his love for the flavors and techniques of Asian cuisine.

Chef Thompson also draws his influence from other German, Japanese and American chefs including Michelin Chef Guenter Seeger, Jean-Louis Palladin, Kiyomi Mikuni and Master Chef Hiroshi Noguchi. From each of these influences, Chef Thompson created his signature approach which he calls “inspirational cuisine.”

“Inspirational cuisine is a pure moment of cooking where the ingredients on hand, blend in my mind into a finished dish,” explains Chef Thompson. “My view of fine dining is simple – it should offer guests an opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves while still experiencing a true world-class meal.”

This simple approach is evident in all of Chef Thompson's presentations and style. Bento boxes, tagines and various other vessels transform his “inspirational” style of cooking into world-class cuisine. Meals are displayed like showpieces on the table with sights, smells, tastes and textures all combined to create a one-of-the-kind dining experience.

Prior to this position with The Beverly Hilton, Chef Thompson served as executive chef at The Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey for six years where he developed and opened Jer-ne Restaurant + Bar, which during his tenure, was named “Best Fusion Cuisine” by Los Angeles Magazine and given the Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator Magazine. He also assisted Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto on “Iron Chef America.” His other experience includes the position of executive chef at Kress Hollywood, opening DB American Cuisine Restaurant in The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas and Fusebox restaurant in Atlanta, which under his leadership was named among the best restaurants by Esquire Magazine.

Chef Thompson currently resides in Palm Springs with his Boxer puppy, Tako. In his leisure time, he likes riding his trail Bike on Trails around Choachella, go to farmers markets and prepare unique, fusion dishes for his two daughters and his friends.